Premed, induction and local blocks 2015 (AN11)

The first (basic) level anaesthesia course (AN11) will be in Rome the 9-11th of March 2015. Join us at state-of-the-art Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital.

The three-day course will include management of clinical cases undergoing GA and local blocks. The programme will include pre-anaesthetic assessment, premedication, IV induction drugs and techniques, and local blocks for surgery.

To register fill in the "registration form" (interactive PDF) and send it to ISVRA along with payment proof for the pre-registration fee (250 Euro). The module will cost 500 Euros (700 Euros for non-members). Please refer to pp5-11 and p21 of the "ISVRA 2015 CPD calendar" for more info about this module and for registration to the entire course (3 modules, reduced fee available).

Registration deadline: 9th of February