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ISVRA Members aggregation to create Working Groups (WG) is strongly encouraged. Aims of WG are to improve anaesthesia knowledge and skills of members, and to help with clinical research, abstract presentation and paper submission.

Subscription to WG is limited to ISVRA members. WG should be officially approved by ISVRA: refer to WG Rules and Regulations for details. WG meetings will possibly include state of the art lectures with Italian and international speakers. For information about and subscription to existing WG e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Existing WG: Regional Anaesthesia (RA); Intravenous anaesthesia and analgesia (TIVA-TCI).


WG on RA: 2009 will be great!

The ISVRA Working Group on Regional Anaesthesia (RA) met in Bologna the 28th of February at Portoni Rossi Veterinary Hospital. The meeting started Saturday at 2 PM and ended Sunday at 1 PM.

Saturday was devoted to clinical case presentation allowing attending members to share knowledge about management of difficult blocks and RA complications. Interestingly, most of them perform regional anaesthesia on a routine basis for surgery involving the hind limb, caudal abdomen and perineum despite some sort of criticism by the surgeon. Clinical cases presented by Nicola Masetto and Davide Gamba raised a lot of interest among attending colleagues. The late afternoon was devoted to design a new prospective multicentre clinical study about caudal epidural anaesthesia for hind limb surgery. Finally, Michela Rossi (Milan, Italy) was elected Chair of the Working Group for the current year.

Sunday was devoted to a cadaver workshop on epidural anaesthesia chaired by Davide Gamba, one of the most experienced veterinary ‘regional’ anaesthetist in Europe. All attending members enjoyed practicing single shot epidural and epidural catheter placement under fluoroscopic guidance.

Next meeting will be held by the end of May.


WG on TIVA-TCI met in Desio

The ISVRA Workgroup on IntraVenous Anaesthesia (TIVA-TCI) met in Milan the 154th of February 2009. The meeting included clinical case presentations about PK guided infusion of fentanyl and propofol, an update on new rules and regulations applying to Workgroups, and the design of a new prospective multicentre clinical study about propofol induction. Clinical case presentations highlighted that many veterinary anaesthetists in Italy routinely use Target Guided Infusions and BET schemes for both Propofol and Fentanyl. Bet schemes have been first introduced in Italy by ISVRA three years ago, and presented at the ACVS Advanced pain Laboratory in San Diego (USA) by Lorenzo Novello (ISVRA President) last year. Paola Costa (Gavi, Alessandria, Italy) has been elected Chair of the Workgroup for the current year. Next meeting will be held in Rimini (Northern Italy, East coast) next May.


Next meeting of the WG on RA

The first 2009 meeting of the Regional Anaesthesia (RA) Working Group will be held in Zola Predosa (Bologna) at the Portoni Rossi Veterinary Hospital (address: via Roma 157/A). Starting Saturday at 2.00PM, closing Sunday at 1.00PM. The Saturday evening will be devoted to social life and will include a nice dinner at a Locanda (typical Italian restaurant).

Clinical case presentations and a problem oriented approach session on Saturday, and a cadaver workshop on Sunday will be included. Attending people will be involved in the management of a clinical patient undergoing RA, if available.

Accommodation at Hotel Zola (via Risorgimento 186, Zola Predosa, ph 051 751101) or Agriturismo Le Querce (via Madonna dei Prati, 87 – Zola Predosa, ph 335 8473439 or 051 757282).

Further details mailing ISVRA or calling 0039 346 0683855. ISVRA membership required to attend the meeting.



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